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0:20-- aimbrosia: «click here to open»
4:55-- Ossy: v015
16:09-- Ossy: Ler. PM ^^
17:01-- pihi: Where the hell is the forum topic with the speedtests? why removed it?
17:36-- leroy04: Yeh pihi, it was deleted "by mistake" I guess
17:36-- leroy04: it's back
18:11-- Ossy: I was 3rd after aimbrosia and u I think.. I'll take bronze for internet speed
19:13-- leroy04: Replied
5:42-- Ossy: seen
16:32-- pihi: TY Leroy. I got a better connection result now, posted :P
3:44-- Dark-donkey: gooooooood morning vietnam
18:25-- Ossy: Hah! TS worked with my new headset ^^
12:27-- Chuck: we dont want noobs in ts sorry !!
12:28-- Chuck: :P :P
13:59-- Bakbier.nl: Hi guys, its been quiet a while since ive been playing on the server so i thought i might just as well join the site :D
14:00-- Dark-donkey: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey guys
18:51-- pihi: "Battery Vara" map? are you fck kidding me? no plan, no way to reach obj, complicated shit...
2:16-- Dark-donkey: yeeee 4 yes for me tryout thnx guys
3:25-- Dark-donkey: can some one give me the admin lvl from the bouttom to the top just need to see it ... if u like of course
5:09-- BloRd: why do you want to se lvls?
5:10-- BloRd: on forum you have i think explained which cmd each lvl have :)
6:25-- rad0g0st: «click here to open»
10:32-- Ossy: Hey Bakbier, nice to see u on forums
15:31-- Crash: Rad0 it's awful :P
15:33-- rad0g0st: idd :)

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