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11:05-- Thi3F: indeed i wrote it in ossy's topic...very annoying
11:06-- Thi3F: i'm done with ET for today cya guys :-*
11:28-- Ossy: Would be useful if admins could get !nextmap :) so this problem can be solved at that moment when it happens.
And we need to fix those crashes too. ;)
19:08-- pihi: Unfortunately last night the server crashed almost in every hour, as said before.
19:09-- pihi: Maybe some faulty memory, cpu or something? Whoever has contact with the server guys, ask them please.
19:23-- Thi3F: !clone Leroy
19:23-- Thi3F: we need you :D
21:43-- leroy04: pfft
22:07-- pihi: Pay him Thief, and he will come.
10:23-- leroy04: «click here to open»
15:55-- Cat.: that rotterdam xmas map is baaaaad,
15:56-- Cat.: real fps killer
20:45-- leroy04: fps in 2016 :D .
20:45-- leroy04: buy nvidia gtx 1080 titan+, you won't have fps drop in 2003 game
20:48-- Cat.: go play it on server ;)
20:52-- Chuck: @lerory04 oye pues no es mala idea que te pagasen por arreglar el lag, kappa kappa
21:07-- leroy04: @Cat: I never had problems with FPS excepting x-posed :) Had FPS limited to 90 because actually there's no difference in this game in high FPS, + it's better to have stable,limited fps than high but instable amount :P
21:07-- leroy04: And anyways i'm retired of ET
21:07-- leroy04: @chuck ojalá, pero aqui somos putas sin cobrar
21:08-- leroy04: Ahora me dedico a stompear bots en el lol
21:45-- Cat.: My pc is ok I run the latest battlefield and cod at high settings no problem, stable fps, it's mostly bad map design, like x-posed indeed, but in this christmas map I get fps drops to 45, that's just.. lol :D
23:11-- Chuck: a stompear bots jajajaja
6:17-- rad0g0st: «click here to open» lul
9:41-- Cat.: whut
16:37-- rad0g0st: Hell has frozen over ... we lack only open source Windows on the cheap Apple computers :D

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