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17:15-- rad0g0st: «click here to open»
17:33-- rad0g0st: :D «click here to open»
8:24-- Thi3F: Korean kid back online now on server, doing every possible rulebreak :D
8:25-- Thi3F: i did complaint in case :)
8:25-- Thi3F: If some admin could ban that'd be nice..cheers
9:15-- Thi3F: ok, made a new topic...
12:46-- swissy: Thanx Thief. we are watching for it. We Need few IP's of him. Be pacient please.
11:52-- Ossy: He back now
8:36-- swissy: If he is online, make !complaing of him, and make a hint in forum. So we can pick the IP out of complaint-list.
9:05-- Thi3F: Gryzelda UK flag using multihack ... funny i'm the only one reporting these guys.. other players so lazy? 5 guys speccing the cheater and no one comes here to report, riiiight :D
9:39-- Thi3F: hmmm anyone there?... :O
9:43-- Cat.: yeh gryzelda still haxing the shit out of it
10:11-- Ossy: did complaint
10:14-- Cat.: need more players with adminlevel 6 tbh so they can at least kick
10:15-- Cat.: noeone can play, this just creates an empty server
10:18-- Ossy: Yah indeed
10:18-- Cat.: that dude has 7 ping btw, can't be from uk
10:19-- Ossy: I mean im out of the clan, but have said multiple times I can help some..
Have still my dues left for rest of the year..
"Yeah then U shouldn't get out of the clan"
It's about playing properly and not to get stuck with an retard aimbotter :D
11:28-- Cat.: What? If he's no member and has no level give him his money back
11:29-- Cat.: Heb dat nog meegemaakt, ne gast die uit de mijn clan ging en zonder iets te laten weten stonden de flikken aan mijn deur die wou zijn geld terug :D
13:54-- Dark-donkey: «click here to open»
13:54-- Dark-donkey: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax
19:13-- rad0g0st: «click here to open»
19:40-- Dark-donkey: «click here to open»

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